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This is the newest and most exciting landscaping to ever evolve!  Kraig has studied most methods from all around the world where people have to Farm in their backyard because they do not have access to grocery stores.


For many cultures, to have a successful harvest throughout the twelve month season means their very survival for their family's food needs.  These cultures provide the most effective, efficient and natural ways to have a “fresh from your backyard to your table concept”.

We used to do this in America. We still can where it is practical. The process starts with a full assessment of the area where the mini-farm is to be located. Earthkare has created a grid to measure the practicality of the mini-farm proposition for the particular situation that presents itself. After exhaustive study and research, this grid will remain as proprietary information.


Kraig takes pride in being a clean eater and promotes fresh and local. In addition to finding the right individual customer, he wants to take this movement even further and help residential communities, neighborhoods, schools, restaurants or institutions to have their own farm in their own backyard. This concept has cost and maintenance challenges. They are not too great for the right customer. When approached correctly it is an investment.


This type of landscaping has to be mutually profitable.  So, he is proposing to anyone with an interest to do this to contact him to discuss the options. He believes in this so strongly Earthkare wants to do a pilot project were some labor and cost concessions may be shared or applied.

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